NRNA is a non-profit global network of people of Nepali origin with presence in 69 countries. It is also incorporated in Japan as Non Resident Nepali Association (NRNA) and known as NRNA Japan. The global network of NRNA was established in 2003 and its Japan Chapter was established in 2004, February 12. The NRNA Japan is committed to a vision of making Nepal a peaceful and prosperous nation. The objective of NRNA Japan is to foster closer relationship and cooperation with the NRN communities all over the world and to initiate the development works in Nepal. 3 million people of Nepali origin is estimated to live in different countries outside the SAARC countries, out of which, an estimated 35,000 people of Nepali origin live in Japan. NRNA Japan has presence in all states and territories within Japan and has a good representation of professionals, students, business people, community leaders, academia and the wider public. NRNA Japan always looks forward to work for development and upliftment of Nepali residing in Japan as well as Nepal. It works through its 14 departments: Web management, Collective investment, Nepal festival management, charity, membership distribution, Women management, Green Nepal management, Creative activities department etc.